Why Choose Us?

Studio Commandments:

  1. Squeeze fun into every moment!
  2. Be the highlight of our dancers’ week.
  3. Create an environment our dancers will never want to leave.
  4. Make our students and parents feel special, valued, and included.
  5. Communicate our passion openly – let our eyes sparkle and shine and seek to bring that out in others.

      Though we do have a competition team, RAD is not a competition-focused dance studio. We provide helpful criticism and feedback, but we also mix in the smiles and laughs! We want each of our dancers to know that we believe in them, and their ability to be great.  With discounts for multiple classes and for siblings, RAD is happy to provide professional, quality education for all.  The teachers at RAD are experienced and qualified in various dance genres. You can be certain that your child will learn the correct technique, and s/he will consistently be improving!