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Our pre-school age ballet/tap dancers are immersed into a magical world of creativity and imagination!  Dancers become friends, cheering each other on as they twirl and explore!


Our school-age dancers dive deeper into the beauty of dance.  We develop a love and appreciation for the arts, and encourage each dancer’s confidence. Everyone deserves the chance to shine!

Our teen dancers focus on developing their technique, finding their passions and chasing their dreams.  The dance lessons become life lessons that benefit them far beyond dance.  Dedication, perseverance, teamwork, loyalty…it’s so much more than just a dance class!

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The encouragement that Miss Paris gives to each of the dancers is monumental in their learning. Emilia loves learning & dancing and Miss Paris is one of the reasons she does.

Amanda G.

I wouldn’t trade my dance teacher for anyone else!  She makes dance fun!  I love coming to learn our routines!  She makes each time with her fun because she’s so funny, loves Disney, and is a great person!



Miss Paris has continued to inspire my daughter to do better at dance!  She encourages her and makes her feel good about herself, no matter her ability or body image!  As a mom, I love seeing how excited she makes my daughter for dance and how she encourages an environment of fun and learning!  I appreciate her as a teacher, and person, more than I could ever say!

-Elizabeth’s Mom

R. Family