The encouragement that Miss Paris gives to each of the dancers is monumental in their learning. Emilia loves learning & dancing and Miss Paris is one of the reasons she does.

Amanda G.

I wouldn’t trade my dance teacher for anyone else!  She makes dance fun!  I love coming to learn our routines!  She makes each time with her fun because she’s so funny, loves Disney, and is a great person!



Miss Paris has continued to inspire my daughter to do better at dance!  She encourages her and makes her feel good about herself, no matter her ability or body image!  As a mom, I love seeing how excited she makes my daughter for dance and how she encourages an environment of fun and learning!  I appreciate her as a teacher, and person, more than I could ever say!

-Elizabeth’s Mom

R. Family

We love Miss Monae because as Aylee was transitioning to a new teacher from Miss Danielle she worried things wouldn’t be the same, Miss Monae was EVERYTHING we could have hoped for and little did we know she was transitioning to new things too! I believe them having this in common made their magical bond that much more special. We love you, Miss Monae!!

Aylee I.

Miss Monae is amazing!  My daughters have loved having her as their instructor over the past few years. Her enthusiastic personality and love of dance keeps my girls excited to come to class each week. She has taught them so much and we appreciate her and all that she does!

Staggs Family

I love my dance teachers because they care for us and always encourage us to do the best that we can do. They never give up on us.

Jenna H.

I can’t say enough great things about RAD or it’s staff. This is my daughter’s ninth year dancing with this studio(previous A+dance!)My daughter is amazing for so many reasons and RAD encourages every one of them. Confidence, dedication, happiness, strength are just a few things RAD encompasses and encourages. A great blessing to my daughter and our family!

Amanda G.

My daughter absolutely loves her dance class and has made genuine friends that we now see outside of dance class. I love that it has begun to help her listen to other adults and gain some independence. She looks forward to class every single week.

Cherish B.

Ripon Academy of Dance offers the complete package; caring teachers, leveled dance classes, great friendships and lots of fun. I love having all 3 of my kids there in different classes and I love dancing there as well! My kids are often asking, “Is it a dance day today?”

Erin B.

My daughter has grown in dance, attitude, and friendships because of the positiveness of her dance studio and the leadership of her teachers!!!  I have adored watching her shine and her smile light up the stage with the joy she has for dance!!

Lora R.

Ripon Academy of Dance is the BEST! My daughters have been dancing since they were two and they look forward to dance every single week (and so do I!) I love watching them dance as much as they love dancing! This has been such a great experience!

Shannon S.