Summer Session 2021--July 7-July 28

Registration for Summer 2021 opens on May 24! See the classes offered below.


Registration Fee: Waived for summer!
30 minute class: $40
45 minute class: $45


Dancin’ Tots: Anything comfortable to move in! Ballet Shoes

Ballet/Tap: Anything comfortable to move in! Ballet Shoes and Tap Shoes

Ballet: Leotard with shorts/skirt. Ballet shoes

Jazz: Anything comfortable to move in! Jazz or Ballet Shoes

Hip Hop: Anything comfortable to move in! Clean soled tennis shoes that ARE NOT worn outside.


What to expect on the first day of class:
Miss Debra will likely be at the front desk when you arrive.  Let her know your dancer’s name or the class you’re there for, and she’ll let you know which room your dancer will be in. Simple!

Does my dancer need to wear a mask?
No, dancers are not required to wear masks.

Is there a recital for this session?
No, there isn’t a recital for this session. Parents will be invited into the classroom on the last day of class. Bring your camera!


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