Our Summer 2021 recital will be held on June 5th at One Church Ripon.
Address is 1043 S Acacia Ave.



We’re dividing our recital into three mini shows: Red Show, Green Show and Purple Show. 

Click HERE to see the show order for each show.


Costume fees are due by May 9 so we can order on May 10th. Once the order is placed, there are no refunds.

If you’ve been with us for summer recitals in the past, you know that the costumes are usually “fancy.”  For this show, we’re simplifying a bit.  If your payment isn’t received by May 9th (before we place our order on May 10th), you will be charged a $10 shipping fee if you still want us to place your order separately.  Beginning 4/27, you will be able to see costumes in your parent’s portal by clicking “Costumes” on the main page.  Miss Debra is measuring dancers so we know what size to order for you.

Hair:  Hair should be pulled back, out of the face, in a clean ponytail or bun.

Tights: Tights are optional. Dancers may wear tights that match their skin color.  Dancers in multiple dances within the same color group do NOT need to change tights.  Please don’t let tights stress you out 🙂


Ticket sales begin on May 10th.  Tickets are $7 each if purchase ahead of time. Each dancer will be allocated 4 tickets until May 20th.  On May 24th, we will begin selling the remaining tickets. If tickets are still available, we will sell them at the door for $10 each. Cash only at the door. 

Tickets are color coded based on the show your dancer is assigned to: Red tickets for the red show, green tickets for the green show, purple tickets for the purple show. If your family is assigned to multiple shows, you only need to purchase tickets for one show. You will be given 4 complimentary tickets to the additional show.  


Recital Procedures

Doors will open 15 minutes before each show begins. Dancers will stay with their parents until their class is called to the stage. Since seating is NOT assigned, dancers do not need a ticket. A changing area will be available for dancers that have costume changes. 

Volunteers Needed

We’re setting up our stage and decorations at 7:30 am on June 5th.  We’ll need help from strong volunteers to help carry in the stage pieces and put them together. 

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