Ballet Academy

The Ballet Academy at Attitude, Plus! is a program designed to allow dancers the opportunity to experience ballet class like a real ballerina.

Ballet is the foundation of all other styles of dance, so we feel it is important to require dancers who enroll in Ballet to give it the attention it deserves. Our program provides a learning environment that is productive, but we also incorporate activities and learning methods that are FUN for the dancers as well.

We have assigned certain leotard colors to each level in the Academy. Think of it like karate…students graduate into a new color as they progress. Instructors will decide what level each dancer is placed into. Age is considered but is not the ultimate deciding factor.

Ballet Level 1—Ages 5-7                                Pink
Ballet Level 2—Ages 8-10                              Purple
Ballet Level 3—Ages 11+                               Blue
Ballet Level 4—By invitation only              Black
Pointe—Instructor Approval Only             Black