All About Us

At Attitude, Plus! Dance Studio, our goals are simple…

We…don’t only teach dance lessons, we aim to teach life lessons.
We…teach age appropriate dances.
We…believe in the power of positive feedback.
We…believe everyone has the ability to be great and we let our dancers know it!
We…do not focus on competition and absolute perfection.
We…provide a professional dance education in an encouraging and stress-free environment.
We…strive to be positive role models to all of the dancers.

As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the value of teamwork. We appreciate and value the open communication between ourselves and our dance families.

Attitude, Plus! Dance Studio is full of talented, hard-working dancers of all levels.  They are challenged all year long, not to be better than each other, but to improve themselves. We feel so lucky to be able to lead them to thosee light bulb moments–when something “clicks” and they get to be proud of themselves…and of each other!

When you join Attitude, Plus!, you join the family!